Dr.Fiasko about Itty´s history during the "Sad Story of the Lost Poptumor":
"Yes, and then I called Itty Minchesta on stage.
A t that time she was a big star, she was "the" rising star, all the media was full of gossip about her privacy, her face on every frontcover of the hip magazins. Yeah, she was really big and successful, chartleader, milllionaire, idol for so many teenagers. But some people started to talk shit about her and said that she will fall soon. Because - her problem was that she had no street credibility, her life was very easy and boring until that day. Her problem was that she had no problems at all, the normal people can´t identify with her, she was too perfect. So the ATC decided to tune Itty´s image a little bit, to tune her future by tuning her past, so that it would look like as if she gone through hard times, as if she had a difficult time in the past which made her stronger and wiser and even more successful.
But what to do?
One extraordinary characteristic of Itty Minchestas body until that day was that she had no tits at all. So the idea was to develope a single tit on her brestless body. Therefore we decided to implant the poptumor into her brain. Then the activated poptumor would chemically grow one mega breast on the body of Itty Minchesta from the inside, it would be a real female breast, not a fake silicon titti. I know, it´s not so easy to understand, but we have not so much time for details. But I think you get it:
The declaired aim of this project and of the Broost-Krew was to grow this single tit. What I really want you to know is: the poptumor could only be implanted, when there is a very emotional atmosphere. Therefore we needed all the emotions of the audience: joy, aggression, love etc... So before I show you what happened during the operation I would like to try again to produce such an emotional atmosphere together with you, just for the impression how it felt to be involved into this G.ender T.uning I.n P.ublic project!
Ok, let´s try it, I need all your support, come on!"